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Engel MAX-90 Very High Gain UHF Antenna

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  • Model: AN6006B
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Engel MAX-90 Very High Gain Antenna
Model: AN6006B

- Professional antenna with high gain and directivity
- Produced in aluminium extrusion and anticorrosion treatment
- Robust subjection clamp, 2 mm aluminium thickness
- Peak Gain 19dB
- Optional pre-amplifier low noise figure and high output G=18dB,F=2.4dB,Vo=105 dBμV, 5-24 Vdc/35 mA

For low reception areas. This antenna is among the best available in New Zealand.

Engel antennas are high performance antennas designed for use with Digital Terrestrial Signals. With only five main parts, this antenna is very easy to assemble and is very robust. The large butterfly nuts allows easy fixation

This antenna also allows replacement of the balun with a DIGIPOLE preamp model AM8000 that provides additional gain in low signal areas.

Technical Characteristics/Peak Values

Band: UHF
Channels: 21-69
Director Elements: 62
Gain: 19dB
Beam width H/V: 26º/31º
Front/back ratio: 35
Wind load(150Km/h): 15Kp
Length (mm) 1760